Long eyelashes make the eyes more appealing; thus, it is mainly considered by women and even in the fashion industry. Women think of eyelashes when applying makeup to boost their physical appearance and self-esteem.

Some of the reasons why women love eyelash extensions and Pedicures in Vancouver are as discussed below;

Fake eyelashes are of benefit to natural ones.

The fake eyelashes protect the natural eyelashes from outside impact, allowing them to grow thicker and longer. However, there has been a myth that fake eyelashes may cause damage to natural eyelashes. The fake eyelashes are long-lasting and thus in use for a more extended period.

Lashes make the eyes more appealing.

Long eyelashes tend to exaggerate the eye features, making the eyes open and widen, making them more appealing. The eyes mark the person’s first impression and are the part of the face one is likely to look at during the first approach. The eyelash extensions tend to make the eyes brighten, making one appear younger thus, and it boosts one’s confidence to stand out. Women tend to consider their eyelashes while applying makeup, and most of them always have the chance to use some mascara to enhance their eyes’ beauty.

Eyelashes Are Part of Men’s Consideration

The long lashes make one look sexier, and men prefer a sexier-looking lady. For this reason, women tend to wear fake lashes to make them more attractive to men. Women have found different ways to style their eyelashes to make them appear more attractive. Since beautiful eyes are likely to attract one to look at the person. For this reason, women are likely to use eyelash extensions to attract women to boost their self-esteem.

The fake eyelashes are waterproof and make one feel more glamorous and secure. They are more considered during photograph sessions; the long lashes attract one to take photos from time to time. 

Eyelash extensions make one look better; hence only a little makeup is required. The reduction of makeup saves one’s money which may be wasted on makeup. One’s time is also held that one may take in applying makeup.

Eyelashes are likely to boost one’s confidence. Eyelashes make the eyes pop and are lovely to look at, thus making one feel more gorgeous.

Eyelash extensions are used mainly by women due to their consistent love of looking good. Although medical eyelashes are essential in protecting the eyes from dust particles, women have their reason for wearing fake eyelashes.